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The Asgardian War - Chapter 1
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The island kingdom of Celecinia. Once a peaceful isle, with many natual features, from a temperate grassland to a harsh desert wreathed in mountains. On one coast, the kingdom of Asgard stood proud, reigning over the entire island. At the south of the kingdom, next to the castle, the knight's guild resides, home to many top notch knights, and knights in training. surrounding the knight's guild, many other factions under the king stand, from the high church to the mages guild, and even a theives guild. Inside the castle gates first is a large marketplace, many vendors selling many various items from weapons and armor and magic trinkets, to more mundane items. This is the past, however.

Now, the kingdom is in turmoil. War has started, and Celecinia is caught in the middle. Kalth, to the east, is invading Celecinia, and has captured towns bordering the desert. Things look grim in the west, also, with Nolune incading the westernmost shore. Knights are being armed, and members of the guilds recruited for war. Merchants goods are being confiscated, and taxes are raised. Four recruits from various guilds have been assembeled under General Garreth Hallding, an elite knight from the knight's guild as a special task force for the war. You are currently in a rather small meeting room, sitting around a table. The task squad leader, General Garreth Hallding stands behind the monk, Kai, as he explains the situation at hand.


Before we start, first let's meet the characters!

 From left to right we have Clarc, Garreth, Heirthyr, Kai, and Lassven.

 Now on to the story!


Garreth: We have been assigned our first task as a new task squad for the Asgardian Army. We have been assigned to liberate a small town a days march northwest of here. The town is occupied by a small troop of the Nolune army, supposedly lead by General Ferran. Any questions?

Clarc: Are the citizens still in this town?

Garreth: Most of the citizens have been evacuated, however the town is so close to the kingdom, it is a strong strategic outpost for Nolune's army.

Kai: how large of a force resides at the town?

Clarc: So are there still citizens we have to worry about protecting? You said most and not all? Any hostages?

Garreth: Scouts have reported that the occupying army is little more than a band of troops stationed there. However, if we use too big of an army to liberate the town, reinforcements will arrive quick. There may be some hostages, but chances are with General Ferran, any civillians left would have been killed

Heirthyr Fullthorn: So it's a quick attack to clear out what they have before they're ready?

Garreth: Yes.

Clarc: Any walls or towers to worry about or is it little more than a farming town?

Garreth: The town is naught but a small trade community.

Clarc: Understood.

Kai: what's to stop the Nolune from attempting to take the location again if we save it?

Garreth: After it has been liberated, a larger army will be stationed in or near the town

Kai: any known weaknesses this General or his troop possesses?

Clarc: Any bows with us? try and take them down from a distance before we engage in close combat?

* Heirthyr Fullthorn looks at the people around the table

Garreth: The size and skill of the unit. The unit is composed of not much more than common civillians with minimal training. The general himself, while a decent fighter, is inexperienced. Any more questions?

Kai: how are we coming in?

* Garreth points to a map on the rear wall

Clarc: Any strategies? and How are we coming in, like Kai said.

Garreth: The southern end of the marketplace, where all their troops are likely to be stationed, is a large road. Avoiding this easily guarded entrance would be to our benefit. There are many separations between the buildings we could enter from.

Clarc: What about from the Northwest between those 2 buildings; right here on the map

Heirthyr Fullthorn: Avoiding the main entrance is good, but let's not get split up.

Kai: we can figure out a formation once we see how the enemy is situated in the town

Garreth: Splitting up should be avoided, yes. And that is probably the best entry point. It's well concealed from a portion of the market place, and is open enough so everyone can enter at once, instead of single file, marching to our doom

Kai: are we attacking during day or night?

Garreth: Good question. We're leaving as soon as possible, and we should arrive at the city around dusk.

Kai: I have no more questions

Clarc: Well I am ready.

Garreth: Heirthyr? Ready?

Heirthyr: I'm ready.

Garreth: Let's head out then.

And so the party starts their travel to complete their first mission...


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