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The Asgardian War - Chapter 2
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The party has returned late in the day after liberating the town. They are given the rest of the day off and have returned to the Knight guild's strategy room. Garreth is now debriefing them.

Garreth: Very nice job liberating the town. Because of that, an attack could very easily have been averted. The knight's guild has given us our reward, 1000 gold a piece, plus our bounty on the weapons and armor we sold, and any loot we found. They have also given us a new mission. 
Voice of Desire: 1000 gold... that's a lot of money, but there's an aweful lot of money around here... especially on the others.....
Garreth: Actually they have given us a choice. We can either attempt to slow an opposing army coming through a mountain range, surrounding the Kuthang desert. They have to pass through a narrow mountain pass, so we have tactical advantage over them.

Garreth: Or we can attack a rogue encampment rumored to be helping the Nolune army. They're stationed about 2 miles west-southwest from here, near the oceans edge.

Clarc: Personally i despise rogues.

Voice of Desire: Hm... Money! Fame! Money! Rouges!

Garreth: That's expected.

Garreth: damn spirits..

* Kai looks downwards slightly in thought
Voice of Reason: We should serve out country, protect the mountain pass.

Kai: are they only "rumored" to be aiding the enemy?

Garreth: A fairly large army is passing through the mountain range. These forces could very easily be dangerous to Asgard

Heirthyr: Either could...

Garreth: And yes. Only rumored.

Kai: I see...

Voice of Desire: That many? Suicide!

Clarc: Yes i say we try to protect the country and prevent that army from getting through lets not go do something based on rumor

Voice of Reason: For the glory of Asgard we must protect them!

Kai: despite the rogues' reputations, we shoudl not attack the rogue encampment if there is not enough evidence to condemn them despite how difficult it would be to attack an army with just our small band, it would be more justified

Garreth: If we DONT take them out, and they ARE siding with Nolune, they could be very detrimental to the countrys wellbeing

Voice of Reason: Although, rogues of this nature can be a hazard to the people as well and a falling rear is the first step to defeat...

Clarc: either way we are going to be flanked...

Deveyus: None at all, Trust me.

Kai: my monestary taught that to attack a man for a crime he has not been proven guilty of is equal to that of killing an innocent

Garreth: The army is moving NOW. The rogues aren't doing anything...suspicious.. for rogues..

Kai: I vote for the army

Garreth: one vote army

* Clarc laughs.
Kai: if we plan carefully, we may be able to hurt them

Heirthyr: If there were more of us...we could have split up.

Voice of Reason: A simple thing may be more a hazard to a army than a complex one....

Voice of Desire: Oh, so die in nice neat rows.... instead of all over the place?

Clarc: If need be we might be able to ask Turckle and Nicholas

Voice of Reason: Even in death perhaps they would at least trip on our bodies and fall on our weapons....

Voice of Desire: Can we skip the dead part, if you please?

Garreth: It's up to you guys. One vote army so far.

* Heirthyr looks at Clarc
Heirthyr: You want to go after the rogue, right?

Garreth: So you, Heirthyr, are the swing vote.

Clarc: Me no, I would prefer to go with what we know is a threat.

Voice of Reason: Who'd want to walk into some rogues treasure filled den and get hurt? Although, they could be sent to kill our leaders and weaken the army from within....

Clarc: Every country will have its rogues and thieves.

Garreth: So, Clarc's vote is army?

Heirthyr: Well, how far is one from the other?

Clarc: It has been army.  Good question

Garreth: The rogues encampment, no more than an hours march. The march to the army, a day or more.

Clarc: So how far apart from each other?

Heirthyr: So, if the rogues aren't THAT much of a danger, then why not stop the army and then the rogues?

Garreth: ... a day or more.. plus an hour..

Clarc: I didnt know if each was in the same direction, sorry General

Heirthyr: Or if we knew more...spend a little time with the rogues and check them before trying to take the army.

Kai: we won't have time to check the rogues

Voice of Reason: We must protect Asgard from the most clear and present threat!

Garreth: The army will be through the pass in about 2 days's time, from what our scouts tell us

Clarc: So we would also ahve a day to scout and prepare?

Heirthyr: We could always use what loot we get from that army to use on the rogues.  They like shinies, don't they?

Garreth: Well seeing as i was having us head out in either direction at about 6 AM tomorrow morning... yes

Clarc: I personally think we should go there. we have time to get ready and stuff. We may be able get some more men from the garrison to strengthen our group.

Voice of Reason: For the 10 Assassin/Unseen Seers sneaking up behind you

Heirthyr: Wait, either direction? So the army is in one direction and the rogue is in the other direction?

Garreth: Yes. The rogues are about an hours march west-southwest, and the army about a days march north-northeast
Clarc: Lets go.

Garreth: So tomorrow morning we head to the mountain pass to block off the army?

Clarc: General do we ahve time to petition the Guild for a few soldiers to accompany us?

Heirthyr: ...Hopefully those rogues are still around when we're done with the army...

Kai: agreed

Clarc: Yes

Heirthyr: I do want to check on them to see if they ARE a danger.

Clarc: Well. We have time tonight. To run and scout.

Garreth: I have already asked the guild. They can spare no soldiers, as they are busy holding off nolune.

Kai: a small task force then

Clarc: Or can send turckle to check it out if he isn't busy.

Kai: Turckle wouldn't be good for scouting in any way. He lacks.....silence

* Clarc laughs
Clarc: You have a point there Kai
* Heirthyr chuckles
Heirthyr: That rhyming of his wouldn't help. I'd say we spend some time today at least checking out their camp. If we're not leaving for the army until tomorrow.

Clarc: Well Lets head to town and stock up on anything we need. rope would be nice, and mayb more pitons, i would liek to arrange some kind of trap with rocks.

Kai: yes, utilizing the natural settings would be very beneficial.  oh, by the way

* Kai digs inside his sack
Garreth: I should mention the mountain pass has been prepared by asgard for defenses, they just havent got the troops to.... defend it.  I would also suggest some bows

Kai: I recently bought a fair amount of potions

Clarc: Ah yes. I seem to have forgotten to ever get a bow.

Kai: I have some for each of you, if you would like
Heirthyr: That was an issue last time.

Kai: I have 20 cure light wound potions

Clarc: That would be nice. I got one left on me. I never had time to use it at....

Kai: here are two more, Clarc

* Kai hands Clarc 2 light wound pots
Clarc: Thank you very much. Want any money, i know you ahd to pay with your own money.

Kai: you saved me from death last time

Kai: and hopefully you won't have to do so again

Clarc: Agreed.

* Kai hands Lass 4 pots      
Garreth: Anyway this meeting is dismissed
Heirthyr: So, spend some time to get equipped in town and check out the encampment?

       Kai: yes. Heirthyr, how many potions do you have currently?

      Heirthyr: I've got a couple cure light and cure minor. I found them off
      that guy we took out.

       Kai: alright

      Heirthyr: Along with Clarcs nice armor.

      Clarc: Which i thank you for still, would you like my old armor?

       Kai: I have plenty on me, so if any of you need any during the battle, I
      shall do my best to aid you

      Heirthyr: No thanks, I value speed at this point.

      Clarc: Im going stay in town tonight Heirthyr and get prepared and perhaps
      get a bow and practice a bit with it.

* Heirthyr turns to Kai
      Heirthyr: And you?

       Kai: I'm considering buying a sling for the army attack

       Kai: but if we're going to check the rogue camp, we should only check

       Kai: if it turns out they are a threat, but not immediate, we should let
      them be

* Heirthyr nods
      Heirthyr: That sounds like a plan to me. So Lassven, you, and I go and
      check while Clarc practices?

      Heirthyr: I might look into getting a longbow for myself as well.

      Heirthyr: I think instead of your scale I'll look for a chain shirt as

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