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The Asgardian War - Chapter 4
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* Clarc wakes up and steps out of bed and dons his clothing
Clarc:     I have a feeling today will be a good day.

*/Heirthyr wakes early in the morning and exits his room, to find a note
attached to his door with a bloody dagger. The note simply says 'haha'/*
Clarc:     Uhm
Clarc:     Heirthyr!
Clarc:     Waht is that?
* Heirthyr Fullthorn takes off the dagger and glances at the note
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     ...what is this?
* Heirthyr Fullthorn shakes his head
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     ...weird
*/When turned over, the note appears to have a map to some kind of
hideout drawn crudely on the back./*
* Heirthyr Fullthorn furrows his brows
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     This thing makes no sense to me...maybe someone downstairs knows.
Clarc:     Hey does that resemble the rogue palce?
* Heirthyr Fullthorn shakes his head and goes downstairs
*/Wild grunting and neighs can be heard from outside the guild/*
* Heirthyr Fullthorn glances at Clarc
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     What's with your horses?
* Clarc hopes not another begger is getting busy with one his horses...
Clarc:     I don't know
Clarc:     While you were gone...weird htings happened
Clarc:     So where is garreth?
* Juir is outside chanting softly while looking into a book and concentrating on the horse.
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     I'm...not sure. Is he with your horses?
Clarc:     LEts go see
The two of them go outside and check the stables, finding Juir.
Clarc:     Hey there Juir
Clarc:     Uhm... what are you doing?
* Juir chants some more.
* Clarc watches scared
Clarc:     Can you hear me Juir?
* Clarc taps juir on the shoulder
* Juir chants some more, snaps the book shut, smacks the horse lightly over the head and walks out.
Clarc:     What did you do?
* Clarc backs away slowly
Juir:     Trying to grant the poor dumb creature the gifts of shadow.
Clarc:     A shadowamre?
* Juir shoves book in his cloak.
Clarc:     So you didnt happen to put that note on his door did you Juir?
Clarc:     I know you have an odd sense of humor
Juir:     How was it pinned to the door?
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     With this dagger...
Clarc:     With a dagger wasn't it Heirthyr

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     Pinned on MY door

    Juir:     May I see the dagger?

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     Sure.

* Heirthyr Fullthorn hands Juir said dagger
* Juir examines the dagger...
    Juir:     hmmmm
    Juir:     HMMMMM
    Juir:     This will need further study...
* Clarc tries to detect if there is an evil aura about Heirtyr
* Clarc wonders if there is evil about this horse due to Juirs "shadow"
Juir:     Hey guys, check out what the guild had.
Clarc:     What did it have?
* Juir unrolls lead sheet in front of himself.
Clarc:     What do you ahve that for?
Juir:     I dunno, I hear it has it's uses.
Clarc:     Oh your not planning anything for it yet?
* Heirthyr Fullthorn gives Juir a strange look
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     What is it used for?
* Clarc lets out a yell,thinking while they are near his house, they
shoudl see if Garretth is within.
* Deveyus rolls: 1d20+3 => 1 + 3 = 4
*/No response can be seen or heard from within the house/*
Clarc:     Hmmmm
Clarc:     I wonder if he is asleep
* Clarc knocks on the door quite loudly
*/No response/*
Clarc:     Where is that buffoon...
*/Even more no response/*
Juir:     Lamest attempt to break down a door ever
* Heirthyr Fullthorn can't help but give a chuckle
Clarc:     I wasnt trying to break it down
Clarc:     Want to see me try?
Juir:     Want to see garreth dock your pay?
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     And have the General mad at you? Be my guest...
Clarc:     Good point
Clarc:     Thanks for the helpful advice
Juir:     You're welcome.
Clarc:     What happened to yue?
Clarc:     Anyone want to race?
Juir:     He got word of a old archive recently uncovered by a cabal, went to go study.
Juir:     A race... Sounds like fun.

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     ...and what about this dagger and note?

Clarc:     On foot....

    Juir:     What dagger?

Clarc:     The dagger you took?

    Juir:     Huh?

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     The one I gave you earlier.

    Juir:     Lost me.

Clarc:     Are you lying?

* Deveyus rolls: 1d20+3 => 9 + 3 = 12
* Clarc rolls: 1d20 +6 => 14 + 6 = 20
Clarc:     Your not telling the truth are you...

    Juir:     Rather blunt aren't you?
Clarc:     We dont ahve time for such trvialities. That note could bode ill for Heirthyr

    Juir:     How about boding ill for the fool who won't answer his door?

* Heirthyr Fullthorn scratches the back of his head
Clarc:     Who didnt answer their door?

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     Garreth.

* Clarc looks to heirthyr questioninly
* Heirthyr Fullthorn shakes his head
Clarc:     Oh

Clarc:     hmmm

* Heirthyr Fullthorn tries to resist urge to smack Clarc
Clarc:     He might have had a stroke or something...
* Juir suddenly points over towards the horses.
    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     Uh...

    Juir:     Look it worked!

    Clarc Calminaion:     Spot

* Clarc rolls: d20 + 2 => 14 + 2 = 16
* Heirthyr Fullthorn concentrates on the 'map' on the note
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     But where does this lead?
* Deveyus rolls: 1d20+3 Bluff => 11 + 3 = 14
Clarc:     What lead? that scrbilling that resembles a map?
* Clarc rolls: 1d20 +6 => 15 + 6 = 21
Juir:     Hide Check:
* Deveyus rolls: 1d20+22 => 20 + 22 = 42
Clarc Calminaion:     Spot
* Clarc rolls: d20 + 2 => 5 + 2 = 7
Clarc:     Hey Juir...where did you go?
Clarc:     uhm...
* Heirthyr Fullthorn glances up from his note
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     ...what the?
Clarc:     Heirhtyr, we need look in Garerth's house ot make sure he is okay
* Clarc rolls: d20 + 2 => 7 + 2 = 9
* Clarc tries to break down the door
* Heirthyr Fullthorn sighs
* Deveyus rolls: 1d20+6+4 Sleight of Hand: Steal Map from his hands =>
16 + 6 + 4 = 26
*/Clarc shoulder-rams the door, which opens easily. Reflex save, clarc/*
* Clarc rolls: d20 => 2
*/Clarc tumbles through the doorway, and falls through the window./*
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     Spot
* Heirthyr rolls: d20 + 4 => 15 + 4 = 19
* Clarc Stands up...
Clarc:     It was unlocked guys...
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     I see that...
Clarc:     That hurt..
* Clarc rolls: d3 => 2
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     And where the heck did my note go?
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     ...Juir...
* Juir sits down behind heithrhyr and looks over the note
Clarc:     So look familiar?
Juir:     It says... Haehae
Heirthyr Fullthorn:     Look on the back..
Clarc:     Like a whore?
* Juir flips it over
    Juir:     Clarc...

    Juir:     Have you been trying to draw again?

Clarc:     What?

Clarc:     Yes actually but not on that

* Clarc rolls: d20 + 1 => 16 + 1 = 17
    Juir:     But... this looks like some caves i've been to before..

* Clarc pulls out a moderatly good sketch of a warhorse
    Juir:     Been a long time.

Clarc:     Where at?

Clarc:     oops forgot to check the house.

    Clarc Calminaion:     Spot

* Clarc rolls: d20 + 2 => 14 + 2 = 16
    Juir:     Follow this here... and then.. out and... yeah

    Clarc Calminaion:     Spot

* Clarc rolls: d20 + 2 => 9 + 2 = 11
    Clarc Calminaion:     Spot

* Clarc rolls: d20 + 2 => 13 + 2 = 15

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     ...That's descriptive...

*/The first two rooms are normal.. house...y... rooms. The last room,
his bedroom, however is not. The bed is covered in blood. A detect evil
aura is unnecessary./*
* Juir skips up merely behind Clarc, getting his lead sheet back out
* Clarc YElls for the otehrs to come
    Juir:     Whatcha doing?

Clarc:     I found this... mess.

    Juir:     Ooooh.... Such a pretty red... was he redecorating?

Clarc:     Uhm not him mayb someone else.

    Clarc Calminaion:     Search

* Clarc rolls: d20 +2 => 10 + 2 = 12
* Clarc searches in the pool of blood for a body
Clarc:     ... Where is he

    Juir:     Step aside Step Aside.

* Clarc peers under the bed
    Clarc Calminaion:     Spot

* Clarc rolls: d20 + 2 => 9 + 2 = 11
    Juir:     Hm.......

    Juir:     Mhm.............

Clarc:     Is this even HIS blood?

* Juir begins clapping
* Clarc is strartled
* Heirthyr Fullthorn looks at Juir oddly...again
    Juir:     Most exquistly done...

    Juir:     The work of a master...

Clarc:     Uhm...

* Juir holds up the lead
Clarc:     What is exquistie

    Juir:     Yes, yes, very well done.

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     ...That's not comforting. This is Garreth we're
talking about here.

Clarc:     Why are you carrying that sheet of lead liek that?

    Juir:     It makes a good defense against nosy wizards...

Clarc:     Arny you a wizard?

    Juir:     Don't like to be scry'd on...

Clarc:     Ah.

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     So how far are those caves from here?

* Clarc attempts to climb thru the window 6
*/A gust of wind closes the window as clarc tries to climb through./*
* Clarc sighs
Clarc:     Such is my luck

* Juir opens the window
    Juir:     Watcha doin' out there?

* Clarc noticed it opened
* Heirthyr Fullthorn facepalms
    Juir:     Trying to break more windows?

* Clarc attempts to climb thru the window 19
*/Clarc climbs through the window and then a gust of wind blwos it
closed. and locks it. permanantly/*
Clarc:     No i was coming through.

    Juir:     Sure...

* Clarc tries to detct evil borne upon the wind
*/STOP CLIMBING THROUGH OUR WINDOWS bellows knight's guild people from
outside the meeting room/*
    Juir:     Dude, clarc, whatcha staring at?

* Heirthyr Fullthorn sighs
    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     So how do you know of these caves Juir?

Clarc:     Huh?

    Juir:     It's dark.. I'm dark... they're into money... I'm into money...

Clarc:     Lets go get Garreth back

Clarc:     What do you mean your dark?

* Heirthyr Fullthorn raises an eyebrow
* Clarc rties to detect evil but cant detect any from Juir. He also sees
the lead sheet.
* Juir Jumps up on the table, triggering CoN
* Clarc attempts to push Juir off the table
/yue strike has connected./
* Juir is envloped in shadows...
    Juir:     That's what I mean 'dark'
* Clarc is getting impatient
Clarc:     We must save our commander

Clarc:     Lets RIDE!

    Juir:     Uhm... You payin' me?

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     Uh..

    Heirthyr Fullthorn:     I'm broke at the moment...

    Juir:     Mere Hiethyr...
    Juir:     Come REAL close..
* Heirthyr Fullthorn eyes Juir oddly
    Juir:     Just mere....
And so the Knight's Guild pay for the services of Juir and Yue to join Clarc and Heirthyr to search for Garreth

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